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For every purchase, Plano Paws will donate a portion of proceeds to a rescue or shelter in need. Every year thousands of dogs are surrendered to shelters. These shelters are often under funded, under staffed and need help. Thanks to wonderful customers like you, we are making a difference!

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I wanted to wait for at least a month using this product before reviewing. I am a foster a senior dog rescue so our use of products like these is not only important, but necessary since most of our dogs have hip/mobility issues.

I have been using these for a 17 yr old border collie who I am currently fostering. She has improved so much. She is also taking a prescribed pain medication, but I can honestly say this product has helped with her overall improvement in getting around. I give her the recommended amount in the morning crushed up with her food and she loves it. Thank you!


Highly recommend!!! My dog was bed ridden, we were desperate, just needed a miracle or anything to improve her quality of life (17 years old, pit bull mix with kidney problem), but now she's walking around and around! Thank god, for this Amazing product!! Love it! On 3rd container and still showing amazing results!!! Just buy it!!! Aloha!

Jadelyn Fujitake Hilo, HI

My elderly boxer had gotten so stiff he could barely stand and was painful for him to move. He's took these willingly for 2 weeks and is running and jumping and obviously feels a lot better! Great product and it's wonderful to see him play again

Amazon Customer

Our big Malamute, Stryker's owner is in Afganistan teach Afgy soldiers how to dismatel IEDs. Stryker is 14 years old and started a bad limp about 2 months ago, we were ready for xrays etc when I ordered Activeflex. After ONE week Stryker was losing his limp! Today his limp is gone! Thank you. We are taking care of Stryker until his dad can return home and is able to care for him once again! God Bless you for your help.

Jan Langley

I am a real person with a dog with real problems. These work great for Pepper. Pepper is a 50-pound scaredy cat border collie. We adopted her almost a year ago and she hates loud noises, thunderstorms especially. She tends to shake when she hears thunder. She had a rough history so she is very scared of people and defensive with other dogs. If we know a storm is coming, she will eat them like they are treats, but once she hears the first big boom, then we need to disguise them in peanut butter. They work great and she now sleeps through storms or plays with her toys. She doesn't seem to be bothered by them. I've been using them when we go to do the park to walk with other dogs. I'm trying to socialize her. She is much more relaxed on the group walk. I highly recommend.

Alice Blue

My dog absolutely loves these treats and his coat is looking much better in a short amount of time. He has really sensitive skin and you can see a difference in the redness and he isn’t itching or shedding as much.

A. Marley

I am very pleased with this product. All three of my dogs like the taste. It's easy for them to chew, which is helpful to me, since I have one small dog who has lost several teeth.
I have been a long-time fan of both probiotic and digestive enzymes. Tummy Treats delivers both in a tasty and convenient chew. Since starting Tummy Treats on my dogs, I have noticed that there are far fewer incidents of intestinal distress and gas in any of my dogs. Additionally, this product quickly helped me restore normal stool consistency for a dog who was given a strong antibiotic.
I am so impressed with this product that I have already ordered another container of Tummy Treats.

Gene Ann Jenkins

My dog is 14 and has arthritis and a nerve condition in his hind legs, he was struggling to walk and his gate was off when he walked. This product has helped him so much! He is now able to get up without struggling and walk around the block without pain. I am glad to have found this for him.

Kim S.

This is great for Lacey. I give her Actiflex and also salmon oil. She is off all meds for her arthritis. I am amazed. Was told she would be on arthritis meds rest of her life along with blood testing every six months. She is doing wonderful. So happy this works for her.



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