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7 Signs Your Dog Needs a Hip & Joint Supplement

Arthritis is common in dogs, but unfortunately is hard to detect. Symptoms start out mild, and most dogs ignore them at first.  Owners should watch for the following signs. If your dog has any of the following signs it might be time to add a good Hip & Joint Supplement. 

1. Decreased mobility. ie.. Can no longer jump onto the couch or bed.

2. Stiffness.

3. Disinterest in walks and exercise.

4. Slow or reluctant to stand.

5. Lethargy and increased sleep.

6. Irritability.

7. Pain or Aggression when joints are touched. 

Arthritis is painful for dogs. Unfortunately dogs mask pain well as it is in their DNA for survival. Visit our frequently asked questions to see if ActivFlex is right for your dog.